Guided tours

Cremona, Cathedral

Visit Cremona with us

The charming city of Stradivari, the amazing frescoes, music in the streets downtown.
A province to be discovered by bike, tasting the food specialties of a fertile land.
Cremona traditional craftsmanship for violin-making in the Unesco world intangible heritage list since 2012.


Visit Mantova with us

In the city of the Gonzaga family with Mantegna, Pisanello, Leon Battista Alberti, Giulio Romano.
From the Garda lake to the Po plain, where the visitor is warmly welcome.
Mantova and Sabbioneta in the Unesco world heritage list since 2008.


Visit Brescia with us

Discovering unknown roman, longobard and Renaissence masterpieces. Drinking Franciacorta "bollicine" wines on the Iseo and Garda lakes.
San Salvatore - Santa Giulia and the archaeological area Unesco world heritage since 2011.
Valcamonica rock drawings in the Unesco world heritage list since 1979.

We offer guided tours with special new proposals in the provinces of Cremona, Brescia and Mantova. ACuTo Arte Cultura Turismo has now a hundred members and 12 licensed tour guides. Our tours in Lombardy are fit for groups of every age, cultural associations, music lovers, groups of friends and families, students from the primary schools to the university.

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